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Motion against the void (ether) can be deteted, and has likely already been deteted.

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Unified Revolution introduces a new fundamental theory of physics, backed up by mathematics and scientific experiments. For the first time in the history of man, a unified theory of space, time, energy, mass, gravity, causality, uncertainty, cosmology, and even memory and intelligence is presented.

More than 2,500 years ago, the ancient Greek philosophers, Democritus and Leucippus, assumed that everything consisted solely of indivisible particles perpetually traveling in the void. This theory was called atomism. Ancient atomism was abandoned and ignored by modern science, not because the theory was flawed, but because it was never understood, and not even close to fully explored. This book introduces a new mathematical framework derived from ancient atomism, and it therefore includes several hundred new mathematical results in fundamental physics that have never been published before.

Einstein's special theory of relativity only scratches the surface of space and time, and it is replaced through this work by indivisible relativity theory. Einstein s famous formula, E=Mc^2 , is correct, but there are several deeper layers behind this formula that are revealed in this book. Unified Revolution will cause shock waves in the scientific community.

ISBN 978-82-999703-0-3: Hardcover (only), 752 pages, more than 200 colour illustrations. Cover design Line Halsnes. , (Oslo's best bookstore, just in front of the Kings Castle, that I used to guard)

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Table of Contents and Preface

Table summary of main differences between atomism and main frame physics

Comments and corrections version 8 November 2015

My presentation at the 14-10 club at the Royal Institution, London, October 15, 2015. Expect a slow download as the file is about 140mb. The presentation is not easy to understand only from the slides. I am open for more talks about this topic! My talk was mainly about mathematical atomism, which is what my new theory and book are about. The first few slides was about high speed trading under special relativity theory. Here the conclusions are correct if comparing a midpoint colocation with a single exchange colocation. However there is a third type of set-up, twin (or mirror) exchange colocation, and in that case some of the conclusions on some of the slides do not hold. See my midpoint colocation page for many more details on this!

Explanation: true one-way speed of light

Excel spreadsheets on the one-way speed light: One-way speed of light any direction alpha, One-way speed of light any direction theta, One-way speed of light parallel direction, The relationship between alpha and theta 

Excel spreadsheet length contraction and expansion in the parallel direction In general one cannot (even hypothetically) measure length contraction without having two synchronized clocks. Einstein length contraction contains a synchronization error. It is the Einstein synchronization error that makes the Einstein length contraction reciprocal. Under Einstein's theory two trains traveling in the opposite direction will both claim it is the other train that is contracted. This holds true when using Einstein synchronized clocks. However, the length contraction in Einstein's theory is an apparent length contraction that has an embedded Einstein synchronization error. The FitzGerald  length contraction (and also the original Lorentz contraction) are not the same as the Einstein contraction. In FitzGerald length contraction it is the velocity relative to the ether that is relevant. Under Einstein's theory it is only the relative velocity that counts. FitzGerald's contraction and also the original Lorentz contraction are incomplete (they only holds between the ether frame and one moving frame, not between two frames that both move against the ether frame) and the Einstein length contraction contains a synchronization error. See my book for derivations and discussions. Lenght contraction/expansion for any angle relative to the void.

Twelve years ago I by luck stumbled upon the most wonderful knowledge, something so simple that it is hard to grasp. Out from two postulates everything (the fundament of everything, my book will not tell you how to run your dish washing machine) else follows. Unified Revolution is a theory based on sound logical reasoning, backed up with mathematics, that again compared to well known and less known experiments and observations.

Einstein's special relativity theory is replaced by a much more fundamental relativity theory. The Lorentz transformation and also the Einstein transformation still hold anywhere in the universe (with a few exceptions), but the interpretation of these transformations by modern physics is wrong. Lorentz and Einstein's transformations are a special case when using Einstein and Poincare synchronized clocks of the fundamental transformations presented in Unified Revolution.

Unified Revolution

New Fundamental Physics

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