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June 2021: with Mysterud, Poleszynski, Moan Elefanten i rommet – vitamin D og korona blant innvandrere

Feb 2021: with Røsland En regnefeil ligger til grunn for anbefalte vitamin D-dose

Jan 2021 De har regnet feil om dosering av vitamin D Helse mat og livsstil

Nov 2020: With Ischarc and Lalouviere: Vitamin D and COVID-19: Is There a Lack of Risk/Reward Understanding Among Health Authorities? Research gate. The paper was mentioned by for example by british parliamant member David Davis 

2019: With Jørgensen and Søraas: Methodology Flaws and Implications of a Complementary Medicine Study JAMA Oncology, Jan 24, 2019.

If I had more time (outisde my physics and finance research etc.) I would go after more low quality papers in top medical journals. Statistical errors in finance can cost money, statistical errors and flawed conclusions in medicine can cost lives.

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