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Highlighted research:

Dec 2020: Rethinking the Foundation of Physics and its Relation to Quantum Gravity and Quantum Probabilities: Unification of Gravity and Quantum Mechanics

Book chapter:

2021: Quantum gravity hidden in Newton Gravity and How to Unify it With Quantum Mechanics , in the book "The Origin of Gravity from First Principles, editor Voldymyr Krasnoholvet, Nova publishing

Published papers:

Mar 2022: Unified quantum gravity field equation describing the universe from the smallest to the cosmological scales Physics Essays Vol.35, No 1.

Jan 2022: Planck Speed: the Missing Speed of Physics? Absolute Still Without Breaking Lorentz Symmetry! European Journal of Applied Physics Vol.4, No 1.

Dec 2021: Measurements of the Planck Length from a Ball-Clock without Knowledge of Newton’sGravitational ConstantGor the Planck Constant European Journal of Applied Physics Vol.3, No 2.

Oct 2021: New full relativistic escape velocity and new Hubble related equation for the universe Physics Essays Vol.34, No 4.

Oct 2021: Three Dimensional Space-Time Gravitational Metric, 3 Space + 3 Time Dimensions Journal of High Energy Physics, Gravitation and Cosmology Vol.7 No.4

May 2021: Using a Grandfather Pendulum Clock to Measure the World’s Shortest Time Interval, the Planck Time (With Zero Knowledge of G)! Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, vol 5.

Feb 2021: Demonstration that Newtonian gravity moves at the speed of light and not instantaneously (infinite speed) as thought! Journal of Physics Communication (IOP), vol 2.

Feb 2021, Spavieri, Gillies and Haug: The Sagnac effect and the role of simultaneity in relativity theory Journal of Modern Optics, vol 68. no 4.  

2021: Can the Standard Model Predict a Minimum Acceleration That Gets Rid of Dark Matter? Journal of High Energy Physics and Cosmology, vol 7

Dec 2020: The smallest possible money unit! When money crashes into the laws of physics Physica A, Vol 560,

June 2020 Finding the Planck length multiplied by the speed of light without any knowledge of G, c, or h, using a Newton force spring Journal of Physics Communication, Vol 4, No 7. (IOP)

January 2020 Collision-Space-Time: Unified Quantum Gravity Physics Essays, 2020, vol 33, no 1

December 2019 Lamb Shift Approximation for Elements up to 80 in a Very Simple Way Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry, 2019, 9

December 2019 Does Special Relativity Lead to a Trans-Planckian Crisis? Applied Physics Research, Vol 12, No 1

November 2019, together with Spavieri, G., Gillies, G. and Sanchez, A.: Light propagation and local speed in the linear Sagnac effect Journal of Modern Optics, Vol 66, No. 2

Aug 2019, Paper together with Gianfranco Spavieri : Why the Sagnac Effect Favors Absolute over Relativity of Simultanity Physics Essays ; Vol. 32, No. 2. Copyright Physics Essays

May 2019: Extraction of the Speed of Gravity (Light) from Gravity Observations Only International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics ; Vol. 9, No. 2; .

May 2019: The Hawking Temperature Intensive Crisis and a Possible Solution that Leads to an Intensive Schwarzschild Surface Temperature Aplied Physics Research; Vol. 11, No. 3; .

July 2019: The Mystery behind the Fine Structure Constant Contracted Radius Ratio Divided by the Mass Ratio? A Possible Atomist Interpretation Journal of High Energy Physics and Cosmology, Vol.5 No.3, April .

March 2019: An Interesting Mathematical Relation between the Proton Mass, the Proton Radius, the Fine Structure Constant, the Compton Wavelength and the Hagedorn Temperature Journal of High Energy Physics and Cosmology, Vol.5 No.2, April .

Dec 2018: Reductio ad Absurdum: Modern Physics’ Incomplete Absurd Relativistic Mass Interpretation and the Simple Solution That Saves Einstein’s Formula, Journal of Modern Phyisics, vol. 9, no 14.

March 2018: Newton’s and Einstein’s Gravity in a New Perspective for Planck Masses and Smaller Sized Objects International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, vol. 8, pp 6-23.

November 2017: Can the Planck Length Be Found Independent of Big G? Applied Physics Research, Vol 9, No 6.

November 2017: Stochastic space interval as a link between quantum randomness and macroscopic randomness? Physica A

March 2017: The Ultimate Limits of the Relativistic Rocket Equation. The Planck Photon Rocket Acta Astronautica, Volume 136, July 2017

Excel sheet to calculate the maximum speed of some "fundamnetal" particles (and rockets)

June 2016: Planck Quantization of Newton and Einstein Gravitation, International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 6, 206-217

Nov 2016: The gravitational constant and the Planck units. A simplification of the quantum realm Physics essays, Vol 29. No. 4. This paper show the Newton gravitaional constant likely is a Universal composite constant that again is a function of more fundamental constants, it also shortly discuss my newly introduced maximum velocity for all subatomic particles that potentilly can be used to find the Planck lenght independent of G. This published version contains much more information than a previous working paper.

Excel spredsheet showing the simplified notation give the same answer as "standard" less intuitive notation.

Take a look at the simplified Planck units, notice no longer c^3.5, c^4.5 etc. Please tell me the intuition of c^4.5, reductionism and simplification can be useful.

Some popular press on my physics ideas:

April 2017: The fun world of theoretical physics frees us all from the shackles of reality and helps set our imaginations free to ponder Popular science Coverage in global futrism

March 2017: We May Be Able to Build a Rocket That Can Go 99.999% the Speed of Light Popular science Coverage in Futurism

March 2017: Photon Rockets Might Make Mars A Three Minute Trip Coverage in Forbes

Working papers (I put working papers out on different working paper platforms at Hal archives, ViXrA, research gate,, researchsquare, academia, arXiv(my least favorite), all of these have their pluses and minuses, what is important is the work on itself. Feel free to contact me if questions ) :

March 2020: The Compton Wavelength and the Relativistic Compton Wavelength Derived from Collision-Space-Time

May 2019: Collision Space-Time. Unified Quantum Gravity. Gravity is Lorentz symmetry break down at the Planck scale.

Apr 2019: Finally a Unified Quantum Gravity Theory! Collision Space-Time: the Missing Piece of Matter! Gravity is Lorentz and Heisenberg Break Down at the Planck Scale. Gravity Without G

March 2019: Killing Imaginary Numbers. From Today’s Asymmetric Number System to a Perfect Symmetric Number System

March 2019: Anisotropic Gravity that Gives an Anisotropic Big G Inside the Codata Error Range

March 2019: Is There a Missing Lorentz Shift for Mass?

Jan 2019: Let There Be Gravity Light. Using Only Gravitational Observations to Measure (Extract) the Speed of Light/Gravity

Dec 2019: Better Quantum Mechanics ? Thoughts on a New Definition of Momentum That Makes Physics Simpler and More Consistent

Dec 2018: Special Relativity Leads to a Trans-Planckian Crisis that Is Solved by Haug’s Maximum Velocity for Matter

Nov 2018: The Hawking Temperature Intensive Crisis and a Possible Solution that Leads to an Intensive Schwarzschild Radius Temperature

Oct 2018: Maximum Velocity for Matter in Relation to the Schwarzschild Radius Predicts Zero Time Dilation for Quasars

Oct 2018: A Minimum Rindler Horizon When Accelerating?

Sep 2018: Finding the Planck Length Independent of Newton's Gravitational Constant and the Planck Constant: The Compton Clock Model of Matter

Sep 2018: A New Mass Measure and a Simplification and Extension of Modern Physics

Aug 2018: Relativistic Newtonian Gravitation That Gives the Correct Prediction of Mercury Precession and Needs Less Matter for Galaxy Rotation Observations

July 2018: Gravity Without Newton's Gravitational Constant and no Knowledge of Mass Size

June 2018: A Very Simple Single Electron Lamb Shift Approximation

June 2018: The Pauli Objection Addressed in a Logical Way

May 2018: Revisiting the Derivation of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle: The Collapse of Uncertainty at the Planck Scale

April 2018: Planck Mass Measured Totally Independent of Big G Utilising McCulloch-Heisenberg Newtonian Equivalent Gravity

April 2018: A Short Note From Myself to Myself to Better Understand Hawking

March 2018: Heisenberg Quantum Probabilities. God Does Not Throw Dice at the Planck Scale, but Below

March 2018: Heisenberg Probabilistic Quantum Gravity that Holds at the Subatomic and the Macroscopic Scale

March 2018: The Mystery of Mass as Understood from Atomism

March 2018: A Modified Newtonian Quantum Gravity Theory Derived from Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle that Predicts the Same Bending of Light as GR

March 2018: A Speculative Relationship Between the Proton Mass, the Proton Radius, and the Fine Structure Constant and Between the Fine Structure Constant and the Hagedorn Temperature

March 2018: A Close Look at the Foundation of Quantized Inertia

March 2018: Newton's Gravity from Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. An In-Depth Study of the McCulloch Derivation

March 2018: Does Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Collapse at the Planck Scale? Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle Becomes the Certainty Principle

February 2018: A Simple Newtonian Quantum Gravity Theory That Predicts the Same Light Bending as GR

February 2018: Zeno's Paradox and the Planck Length. The Fine Structure Constant and The Speed of Light

January 2018: Why Modern Physicists Do Not Understand Newtonian Gravity

January 2018: Does Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle Predict a Maximum Velocity for Anything with Rest-Mass below the Speed of Light ?

December 2017: Einstein was Likely Right: ``God Does Not Play Dice". Do Randomness Breaks Down at the Planck Scale ?

November 2017: Where Standard Physics Runs into Infinite Challenges, Atomism Predicts Exact Limits

November 2017: A Motion Paradox from Einstein’s Relativity of Simultaneity

October 2017: There Is No Need for Big G in Einstein’s Field Equation! Newton Swapped with Max Planck

October 2017: The World is Binary! When the Speed of Light is Zero from Any Reference Frame

June 2017: Newton’s E = mc^2 Two Hundred Years Before Einstein?

June 2017: The Mystery Behind the Fine Structure Constant

June 2017: Planck Dimensional Analysis of The Speed of Light

April 2017: The Mass Gap, Kg, the Planck Constant and the Gravity Gap

Feb 2017: A Maximum Limit on Proper Velocity

Jan 2017: A Suggested Boundary for Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

Jan 2017: Einstein versus FitzGerald, Lorentz, and Larmor Length Contraction

Dec 2016: Deriving the Maximum Velocity of Matter from the Planck Length Limit on Length Contraction

Dec 2016: Reductio ad Absurdum: Modern Physics’ Incomplete Absurd Relativistic Mass Interpretation. And the Simple Solution that Saves Einstein’s Formula.

Nov 2016: The Planck Mass Must Always Have Zero Momentum Relativistic Energy-Momentum Relationship for the Planck Mass. As remarkably as it seems this must be the case. Please study carefully my paper on the Planck mass particle first! That the Planck mass must stand still as observed from any reference frame is simply revolutionary!

Nov 2016: Escape Velocity at the Subatomic Level Leads to Escape Probability

Oct 2016: Newton and Einstein's Gravity in a New Perspective for Planck Masses and Smaller Sized Objects

Oct 2016: Planets and Suns and Their Corresponding Sphere Packed Average Particles

Sep 2016: The Lorentz Transformation at the Maximum Velocity for a Mass

Sep 2016: A New Solution to Einstein's Relativistic Mass Challenge Based on Maximum Frequency

July 2016: A Subatomic Replica of Our Solar System. Macrocosmos and Microcosmos. As Above! So Below!

July 2016: The Planck Mass Particle Finally Discovered! The True God Particle! Good bye to the Point Particle Hypothesis! This paper is directly related to the atomism theory in my book. It seems like atomism is consistent with for example the Heisenberg's Uncertainity formula, but with a new interpretation. It also gives a new and logical interpretation for the Schwarzschild radius at the Planck scale. There are no miniblack-holes. The math has been hinting us towards a unique indvisible particle always moving at the speed of light. Atomism show us there is a speed limit just before the speed of light when mass must turn into energy. These speed limtis are far above what is currently achived at LHC.

July 2016: A Highly Speculative Note on How to Modify Einstein’s Field Equation to Hold at the Quantum Scale. Gravity = Strong force at the quantum scale?

July 2016: Is the Schwarzschild Radius Truly a Radius?

July 2016: Planck Dimensional Analysis of Big G

Illustration by Line Halsnes based on childish draft by the author.

May 2016: The Return of Absolute Simultaneity and Its Relationship to Einstein’s Relativity of Simultaneity. This paper is strongly linked to atomism. To fully understand it read my book first.

April 2016: Charged Particle Radiation Power at the Planck Scale

April 2016: Unification of Gravity and Electromagnetism: GravityElectroMagnetism: A Probability Interpretation of Gravity i am uncertain about this interpretaion, now, see instead my 2018 Quantum Gravity Paper

April 2016: A Note on The Dimensionless Gravitational Coupling Constant This way of re-writing the so called dimensionless gravitational coupling constant could be essencial to truly understand gravity, see the paper above.

April 2016: The Collapse of the Schwarzschild Radius: The End of Black Holes? Further progress in my research have shown me the Schwarzschild Radius is very important for any gravitaiona objects, see papers further up. The Schwarzschild Radius is the reduced Compton frequency of the gravity mass per Planck second multiplied by the Planck length, and as shown in several of my 2018 papers the Schwarzschild Radius can be found without any knowledge of G or

April 2016: A Note on The Reduced Mass

March 2016: The Gravitational Constant and the Planck's Units: A Simplification of the Quantum Realm

March 2016: Squaring the Circle and Doubling the Cube

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"If there really exist ultimate units, we have only to discover their laws and all their possible combinations, and we shall be all-knowing and all-powerful, like gods"  a quote from Lancelot Whyte (Essay on Atomism: from Democritus to 1960). Lancelot predicted that a renewed atomism likely would become the ulitmate theory of the depth of reality.

Through history atomism has been ignored and surpressed and even outlawed. Plato supposedly wanted to burn as many of Democritus books as possible, but why? An anonymous cleric supposedly filed a report with the Inquisition in which he claimed to show that Galileo was an atomist. In 1624 the Paris Parliament decreed that a person maintaining or teaching atomism would be liable to death penalty. "The aggressive rise of physical atomism as an adequate explanation of the universe... provoked a crusade (1660-1700) against it." Lancelot Whyte.

Have you ever met a modern physicst well studied in atomism. I strongly doubt so!

The postulates from ancient atomism surprisingly leads to the same mathematical end results as given by Einstein's special relativity theory, but atomism leads also to a series of additional results. Atomism also gives us a somewhat different interpretation than special relativity theory. Einstein said nothing about what energy and matter consist of.

"It is important to realize that in physics today, we have no knowledge what energy is." Richard Feynman

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Unified Revolution introduces a new fundamental theory of physics, backed up by mathematics and scientific experiments. For the first time in the history of man, a unified theory of space, time, energy, mass, gravity, causality, uncertainty, cosmology, and even memory and intelligence is presented.

More than 2,500 years ago, the ancient Greek philosophers, Democritus and Leucippus, assumed that everything consisted solely of indivisible particles perpetually traveling in the void. This theory was called atomism. Ancient atomism was abandoned and ignored by modern science, not because the theory was flawed, but because it was never understood, and not even close to fully explored. This book introduces a new mathematical framework derived from ancient atomism, and it therefore includes several hundred new mathematical results in fundamental physics that have never been published before.

Einstein s famous formula, E=Mc^2 , is correct, but there are several deeper layers behind this formula that are revealed in this book.

ISBN 978-82-999703-0-3: Hardcover (only), 752 pages, more than 200 colour illustrations. Cover design Line Halsnes. , (Oslo's best bookstore, just in front of the Kings Castle, that I used to guard)

Follow me also on my blog where I will be actively discussing Unified Revolution and its many implications. I recently also signed up on twitter, you will find me as @EGHaug.

Table of Contents and Preface

Table summary of main differences between atomism and main frame physics

Comments and corrections version 8 November 2015

My presentation at the the Royal Institution, London, October 15, 2015. Expect a slow download as the file is about 140mb. The presentation is not easy to understand only from the slides. I am open for more talks about this topic! My talk was mainly about mathematical atomism, which is what my new theory and book are about. What is truly important in this presentation was one of my last slides where I for the first time in a lecture mention that there is a an exact maximum velocotiy for matter. First years later I understood that special relativity is in conflict with assumption off any minimum lenght. This leads to a trans-Planckian crisis that is solved with my maximum velocity formula for matter. midpoint colocation page for many more details on this!

Short summary in Greek (from my poster Presentation at the 6th Panhellenic Symposium of Epicurean Philosophy in Athen (2016).

Explanation: true one-way speed of light

Excel spreadsheets (directly linked to physics derived from ancient atomism):

There is much more to the speed of light, length contraction and time dilation than any book on special relativity theory will tell you about. Special relativity theory is an incomplete theory that need to be replaced with indivisible relativity theory derived from the postulates of ancient atomism! Of course not because it is derived from these ancient postulates, but because it also can explain results that SR cannot explain, like a series of ignored one-way speed of light experiments. Ancient atomism dressed up in modern mathematics is the simplest theory possible that is still is able to explain the world we observe around us.

One-way speed of light any direction alpha, One-way speed of light any direction theta, One-way speed of light parallel direction

The Einstein synchronization error.

The relationship between alpha and theta

Round-trip speed of light. 

Two-way speed: in the special relativity theory literature better known as: mutual speed, exterior relative speed, or closing speed.

Length contraction and expansion in the parallel direction In general one cannot (even hypothetically) measure length contraction without having two synchronized clocks. Einstein length contraction contains a synchronization error. It is the Einstein synchronization error that makes the Einstein length contraction reciprocal. Under Einstein's theory two trains traveling in the opposite direction will both claim it is the other train that is contracted. This holds true when using Einstein synchronized clocks. However, the length contraction in Einstein's theory is an apparent length contraction that has an embedded Einstein synchronization error. The FitzGerald  length contraction (and also the original Lorentz contraction) are not the same as the Einstein contraction. In FitzGerald length contraction it is the velocity relative to the ether that is relevant. Under Einstein's theory it is only the relative velocity that counts. FitzGerald's contraction and also the original Lorentz contraction are incomplete (they only holds between the ether frame and one moving frame, not between two frames that both move against the ether frame) and the Einstein length contraction contains a synchronization error. See my book for derivations and discussions. Length contraction/expansion for any angle relative to the void.

Time dilation: the true one-way time dilation is not isotropic and not reciprocal. One-way time dilation as measured with Einstein synchronized clocks (also under atomism) is isotropic and reciprocal.

A better understanding of space and time could potentially have a series of practical implications in the medium to long-term future; for high speed trading, aviation, space navigation, energy and material science. Most important a better understanding of the fundament of reality could change the whole way we look at the world around us.
Classical mechanics with indivisible particles always moving at the speed of light relative to the void leads directly to E=Mc^2 (read my book for in detailed discussion). My book extends this to relativistic mass, Doppler shift and much more. By deriving everything from ancient atomism postulates simplicity and logic returns to physics (even if most of the formulas stays the same). The Newton corpuscular theory of light was very similar to atomism.

The mass defintion below is different than in modern physics, see my book and my working paper: "the mystery of mass as undersood from atomsim". Mass as kg and mass as time-speed are just two faces of the same coin!

Unified Revolution

New Fundamental Physics

@ Copyright: from infinity to infinity, Espen Gaarder Haug