Rotate, Zoom, Look Under, Walk Through!

The Virtula Reality Option World was created with some of the most sophisticated scientific software ever created : LiveGaphics3D developed by Martin Kraus and Mathematica.

Live 3D option graphics are not only nice looking, but can actually be extremely helpful in understanding the caracterisitics and risk in complex options and option portfolios. Without a sufficiently advanced risk-management tool, the effect of changes in the underlying pricing variables may come as a surprise even to experienced option traders.


Click a formula to the left to begin!

ROTATE: Just grab and drag with the mouse

ZOOM: Grab the graph, move the mouse back and forth while holding the shift key

STEREO: Toggle on and off with the 's' key.

(note: the cursor must be inside the graph area)

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Make sure you have activated Java in the preferences or options menu of your browser.
Recommendations: set your screen to thousands of colors, millions of colors can make it slow, 256 colors don't make it to nice!

The Black and Scholes Formula: